Choosing the ideal flooring matters

Choosing the ideal flooring matters

When it's time to choose the perfect wood floors for your home, the process matters a great deal. This is a significant purchase for most homeowners, and you want to ensure your flooring fits all your needs.

If you've never shopped for new floors, it's worth your time to find out more about your options. And if you need help, we're here to help you through.

Knowing what you need

The first step in choosing your ideal hardwood floors is understanding your specific needs. Next, think about your requirements for durability, appearance, and lifespan.

Certain wood products will meet these needs better than others. And those are the products you'll want to focus on when you visit our flooring company.

Which floors will meet your needs?

Solid hardwood
is an excellent choice if you want 100 years or more lifespans. Choose a species that matches your durability and visual needs for the best results.

Engineered hardwood can last up to 30 years and offers excellent benefits. These floors perform well in humid spaces and offer wear resistance, even in busy areas.

Think about cleaning and maintenance

The upkeep of your flooring makes a difference too. So, think about floors that meet your need in these areas.

It might not be best if a flooring takes extensive maintenance to endure your lifestyle. But we'll help you pick the perfect choices.

Visit our flooring store in Springfield, IL

Brookens Wood Floors is a fantastic wood flooring store in Springfield, IL. But it's an even better place to get the products, services, and guidance you need for the perfect flooring.

We cater to residents from Springfield, Jacksonville, Decatur, Lincoln, and Bloomington, IL. And we look forward to helping you find your perfect floors as well.

When you're ready to choose the best wood flooring, visit our showroom in Springfield, IL. We'll be here, ready to help create your dream floors right along with you.