Custom wood floor borders and inlays


Consider your custom wood floor borders and inlays

Hardwood borders and inlays are outstanding options that set off your hardwood installation. Customizations fit your needs, with results that will last as long as the flooring itself. These add unique styles that only handcrafting can add and match any decor you have in place.

Borders offer extensive visuals that can match or offset your flooring. And inlays work in much the same way, only inside the flooring. And the more you know about custom wood floor borders and inlays, the better choices you can make through the process.

Why choose hardwood borders?

There are no one-size-fits-all choices in custom wood floor borders and inlays. For each one, you'll choose all the styles and attributes you prefer to match your decor and your needs. Choose sleek and subtle or bold and sophisticated for a stand-out room border.

These are usually added to large, open spaces to create an area that feels set apart. But they can be helpful in hallways, especially with contrasting light and dark colors. You might even choose something unique to your own home and decor.



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What about hardwood floor inlays?

When you choose hardwood floor inlays, you're turning your floors into a work of art. Customizing floors with intricate, inexhaustible patterns is craftsmanship at its best. And it can liven things up in any room, whether used as full room options or accents throughout.

Borders can also act as inlays when they are installed with the flooring. The smooth, luxurious results are forever etched into the construction of your home. And no matter how many times trends change over the years, your floors will remain current.

Creating the look you want and need

You'll enjoy your style with custom wood floor borders and inlays. Designing these pieces is an opportunity to be a part of your flooring creation. And we'll tell you everything you need to know when you visit us.
Custom wood floor borders and inlays in Springfield, IL from Brookens Wood Floors

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At Brookens Wood Floors, we specialize in wood flooring and all the products and services that go with it. We get to know your preferences and requirements for results that will last a lifetime. If it's important to you, it's important to us, and we'll make sure the results are perfect.

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