Solid hardwood flooring


Solid hardwood flooring could be your last flooring buy

When you choose solid hardwood flooring, you're choosing one of the longest-lasting materials. With a professional installation and regular care, they could last 100 years or more. And the benefits list is extensive for both visuals and performance.

These floors are easy to customize to match any decor, and they fit a variety of trends too. They work well in busy homes, with added benefits for an active lifestyle. And the more you know about the benefits you can gain, the better choices you can make while shopping.

The best visual appeal 

Solid wood floors give you impressive looks that fit any decor you currently have. It's easy to create a perfect match with all the colors, styles, and options available to you. Start with a significant species type, then layer on stain color and a finish of your choice.

The appearance can also change when you switch the board width. Thin and wide options are available, but some choose a variable width option. Installation layouts can include choices like chevron and herringbone.

When you need durability, hardwood is perfect

For solid wood flooring, durability starts with the perfect species type. For busier areas, choose a harder species for added protection and lifespan. But areas with little traffic can tolerate a softer species, especially in closets.

Layering on exceptional durability comes from adding the proper sealant and finish type. Textured finishes can even help hide scratches and scuffs for better-looking floors. Of course, you'll want to discuss prefinished and site-finished hardwood for the best results.

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Acclimation is a necessary part of the installation

Before installation, your solid hardwood flooring must go through the acclimation process. The process can take one to three days, depending on certain factors. But it helps ensure no cracking or warping after the materials are in place.

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